herpesvirus-associated neurological disease in a donkey.a 4-year-old donkey was evaluated for progressive neurological abnormalities consisting of depression, stupor, weakness, and recumbency. diagnostic evaluation for viral involvement identified an asinine herpesvirus in dna extracted from deep pharyngeal swabs. specific primers were designed based on comparison with equine herpesviral dna polymerase sequences and yielded an 875-base pair product from the donkey. this sequence had complete identity with short sequences of asinine herpesvirus previo ...200818987238
association of two newly recognized herpesviruses with interstitial pneumonia in donkeys (equus asinus).over a period of 6 years, antemortem and postmortem examinations were performed on a number of donkeys suffering from respiratory disease. for many cases, initial diagnostic efforts failed to identify an etiology consistent with the pathologic findings. however, retrospective examination of these cases using consensus primer polymerase chain reaction, designed to recognize herpesviruses from all 3 subfamilies of the herpesviridae, amplified a fragment of the highly conserved herpesvirus dna poly ...200212152805
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