seroepidemiological and molecular evidence for the presence of two h3n8 equine influenza viruses in china in may 1993, a severe epidemic of respiratory disease began in horses in inner mongolia and spread throughout horses in china. the disease affected mules and donkeys as well as horses but did not spread to other species, including humans. the severity of the disease raised the question of whether the outbreak might have been caused by the new avian-like influenza viruses detected in horses in china in 1989 or by current variants ofa/equine/miami/1/63 (h3n8) (equine-2) or by a reassortant between ...19957636481
isolation and genetic characterization of h3n8 equine influenza virus from donkeys in china.during the 2007 outbreak of equine influenza (eiv) in china, an influenza virus designated a/donkey/xinjiang/5/2007 (donkey/xinjiang/2007) was isolated from a symptomatic donkey in xinjiang uygur autonomous region, china. to analyze the genetic evolution of the new isolate, the hemagglutinin (ha) gene of donkey/xinjiang/2007 was amplified and sequenced. sequence alignment, prediction of glycosylation sites and phylogenetic analysis of the ha1 protein of donkey/xinjiang/2007 showed most similarit ...201020153940
descriptive epidemiology of equine influenza in india (2008-2009): temporal and spatial trends.equine influenza is a contagious viral disease that affects all members of the family equidae, i.e., horses, donkeys and mules. the authors describe the pattern of equine influenza outbreaks in a number of states of india from july 2008 to june 2009. the disease was first reported in june 2008 in katra (jammu and kashmir) and spread to ten other states within a year. all outbreaks of equine influenza in the various states were confirmed by laboratory investigations (virus isolation and/or serolo ...201021120800
investigation of equine influenza virus in two geographical regions of pakistan.the present study was an attempt to elucidate the seroprevalence of equine influenza virus (h3n8) in two geographically distinct regions of pakistan where vaccination is not routinely practiced.201322923059
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