development of a zika virus infection model in cynomolgus availability of indian rhesus macaques (irm) is a bottleneck to study zika virus (zikv) pathogenesis and evaluation of appropriate control measures in non-human primates. to address these issues, we report here the mauritian cynomolgus macaque (mcm) model for zikv infection. in brief, six mcms (seronegative for dengue and zikv) were subdivided into three cohorts with a male and female each and challenged with different doses of asian [prvabc59 (puerto rico) or fss13025 (cambodia)] or afr ...201628066354
zikv demonstrates minimal pathologic effects and mosquito infectivity in viremic cynomolgus evaluate the effects of zikv infection on non-human primates (nhps), as well as to investigate whether these nhps develop sufficient viremia to infect the major urban vector mosquito, aedes aegypti, four cynomolgus macaques (macaca fascicularis) were subcutaneously infected with 5.0 log10 focus-forming units (ffu) of dna clone-derived zikv strain fss13025 (asian lineage, cambodia, 2010). following infection, the animals were sampled (blood, urine, tears, and saliva), underwent daily health mo ...201830469417
seroprevalence of dengue, zika, and chikungunya viruses in wild monkeys in thailand.zoonotic pathogens such as arboviruses have comprised a significant proportion of emerging infectious diseases in humans. the role of wildlife species as reservoirs for arboviruses is poorly understood, especially in endemic areas such as southeast asia. this study aims to determine the exposure history of different macaque species from national parks in thailand to mosquito-borne flaviviruses and alphavirus by testing the serum samples collected from 25 northern pigtailed macaques, 33 stump-tai ...202032588813
an optimized purified inactivated zika vaccine provides sustained immunogenicity and protection in cynomolgus macaques.the recent spread of zika virus (zikv) through the americas and caribbean and its devastating consequences for pregnant women and their babies have driven the search for a safe and efficacious zikv vaccine. among the vaccine candidates, a first-generation zikv purified inactivated vaccine (zpiv), adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide, developed by the walter reed army institute of research (wrair), has elicited high seroconversion rates in participants in three phase-i clinical trials. in collabora ...202032194996
a zika virus envelope mutation preceding the 2015 epidemic enhances virulence and fitness for transmission.arboviruses maintain high mutation rates due to lack of proofreading ability of their viral polymerases, in some cases facilitating adaptive evolution and emergence. here we show that, just before its 2013 spread to the americas, zika virus (zikv) underwent an envelope protein v473m substitution (e-v473m) that increased neurovirulence, maternal-to-fetal transmission, and viremia to facilitate urban transmission. a preepidemic asian zikv strain (fss13025 isolated in cambodia in 2010) engineered w ...202032747564
immune outcomes of zika virus infection in nonhuman primates.although the zika virus (zikv) epidemic is subsiding, immune responses that are important for controlling acute infection have not been definitively characterized. nonhuman primate (nhp) models were rapidly developed to understand the disease and to test vaccines, and these models have since provided an understanding of the immune responses that correlate with protection during natural infection and vaccination. here, we infected a small group of male rhesus (macaca mulatta) and cynomolgus (maca ...202032747639
passive immunisation of convalescent human anti-zika plasma protects against challenge with new world zika virus in cynomolgus macaques.zika virus (zikv) causes neurological complications in susceptible individuals, highlighted in the recent south american epidemic. natural zikv infection elicits host responses capable of preventing subsequent re-infection, raising expectations for effective vaccination. defining protective immune correlates will inform viral intervention strategies, particularly vaccine development. non-human primate (nhp) species are susceptible to zikv and represent models for vaccine development. the protect ...202033014434
a recombinant subunit based zika virus vaccine is efficacious in non-human primates.zika virus (zikv), a virus with no severe clinical symptoms or sequelae previously associated with human infection, became a public health threat following an epidemic in french polynesia 2013-2014 that resulted in neurological complications associated with infection. although no treatment currently exists, several vaccines using different platforms are in clinical development. these include nucleic acid vaccines based on the prm-e protein from the virus and purified formalin-inactivated zikv va ...201830467501
little evidence of zika virus infection in wild long-tailed macaques, peninsular malaysia.we tested a sample of 234 wild long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis) trapped in peninsular malaysia in 2009, 2010, and 2016 for zika virus rna and antibodies. none were positive for rna, and only 1.3% were seropositive for neutralizing antibodies. long-tailed macaques are unlikely to be reservoirs for zika virus in malaysia.201930666941
high susceptibility, viral dynamics and persistence of south american zika virus in new world monkey species.south american zika virus (zikv) recently emerged as a novel human pathogen, linked with neurological disorders. however, comparative zikv infectivity studies in new world primates are lacking. two members of the callitrichidae family, common marmosets (callithrix jacchus) and red-bellied tamarins (saguinus labiatus), were highly susceptible to sub-cutaneous challenge with the puerto rico-origin zikvprvabc59 strain. both exhibited rapid, high, acute viraemia with early neuroinvasion (3 days) in ...201931601848
primary infection with dengue or zika virus does not affect the severity of heterologous secondary infection in macaques.zika virus (zikv) and dengue virus (denv) are genetically and antigenically related flaviviruses that now co-circulate in much of the tropical and subtropical world. the rapid emergence of zikv in the americas in 2015 and 2016, and its recent associations with guillain-barré syndrome, birth defects, and fetal loss have led to the hypothesis that denv infection induces cross-reactive antibodies that influence the severity of secondary zikv infections. it has also been proposed that pre-existing z ...201931369649
intranasal infection and contact transmission of zika virus in guinea pigs.zika virus (zikv) is primarily transmitted to humans through mosquito bites or sexual contact. the excretion and persistence of contagious zikv in various body fluids have been well documented in zikv patients; however, the risk of direct contact exposure remains unclear. here, we show that guinea pigs are susceptible to zikv infection via subcutaneous inoculation route; infected guinea pigs exhibit seroconversion and significant viral secretion in sera, saliva, and tears. notably, zikv is effic ...201729162827
high infection rates for adult macaques after intravaginal or intrarectal inoculation with zika virus.unprotected sexual intercourse between persons residing in or traveling from regions with zika virus transmission is a risk factor for infection. to model risk for infection after sexual intercourse, we inoculated rhesus and cynomolgus macaques with zika virus by intravaginal or intrarectal routes. in macaques inoculated intravaginally, we detected viremia and virus rna in 50% of macaques, followed by seroconversion. in macaques inoculated intrarectally, we detected viremia, virus rna, or both, ...201728548637
zika viral dynamics and shedding in rhesus and cynomolgus macaques.infection with zika virus has been associated with serious neurological complications and fetal abnormalities. however, the dynamics of viral infection, replication and shedding are poorly understood. here we show that both rhesus and cynomolgus macaques are highly susceptible to infection by lineages of zika virus that are closely related to, or are currently circulating in, the americas. after subcutaneous viral inoculation, viral rna was detected in blood plasma as early as 1 d after infectio ...201627694931
acute fetal demise with first trimester maternal infection resulting from listeria monocytogenes in a nonhuman primate model.infection with listeria monocytogenes during pregnancy is associated with miscarriage, preterm birth, and neonatal complications, including sepsis and meningitis. while the risk of these conditions is thought to be greatest during the third trimester of pregnancy, the determinants of fetoplacental susceptibility to infection, the contribution of gestational age, and the in vivo progression of disease at the maternal-fetal interface are poorly understood. we developed a nonhuman primate model of ...201728223455
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