structural investigation of c6/36 and vero cell cultures infected with a brazilian zika virus.zika virus (zikv) is a member of the flavivirus genus, and its genome is approximately 10.8 kilobases of positive-strand rna enclosed in a capsid and surrounded by a membrane. studies on the replication dynamics of zikv are scarce, which limits the development of antiviral agents and vaccines directed against zikv. in this study, aedes albopictus mosquito lineage cells (c6/36 cells) and african green monkey kidney epithelial cells (vero cells) were inoculated with a zikv sample isolated from a b ...201728898286
seroprevalence of zika virus in wild african green monkeys and baboons.zika virus (zikv) has recently spread through the americas and has been associated with a range of health effects, including birth defects in children born to women infected during pregnancy. although the natural reservoir of zikv remains poorly defined, the virus was first identified in a captive "sentinel" macaque monkey in africa in 1947. however, the virus has not been reported in humans or nonhuman primates (nhps) in africa outside gabon in over a decade. here, we examine zikv infection in ...201728289727
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