serological evidence of zika virus infection in non-human primates in zambia.zika virus (zikv) circulation occurs between non-human primates (nhps) in a sylvatic transmission cycle. to investigate evidence of flavivirus infection in nhps in zambia, we performed a plaque reduction neutralization test (prnt) to quantify neutralizing antibodies. prnt revealed that sera from nhps (african green monkeys and baboons) exhibited neutralizing activity against zikv (34.4%; 33/96), whereas a prnt for yellow fever virus using nhp sera showed no neutralization activity. zikv genomic ...201931154511
cathelicidin-derived antimicrobial peptides inhibit zika virus through direct inactivation and interferon pathway.zika virus (zikv) is a neurotrophic flavivirus that is able to infect pregnant women and cause fetal brain abnormalities. although there is a significant effort in identifying anti-zikv strategies, currently no vaccines or specific therapies are available to treat zikv infection. antimicrobial peptides, which are potent host defense molecules in nearly all forms of life, have been found to be effective against several types of viruses such as hiv-1 and influenza a. however, they have not been te ...201829706959
modeling mosquito-borne and sexual transmission of zika virus in an enzootic host, the african green monkey.mosquito-borne and sexual transmission of zika virus (zikv), a torch pathogen, recently initiated a series of large epidemics throughout the tropics. animal models are necessary to determine transmission risk and study pathogenesis, as well screen antivirals and vaccine candidates. in this study, we modeled mosquito and sexual transmission of zikv in the african green monkey (agm). following subcutaneous, intravaginal or intrarectal inoculation of agms with zikv, we determined the transmission p ...202032569276
structural investigation of c6/36 and vero cell cultures infected with a brazilian zika virus.zika virus (zikv) is a member of the flavivirus genus, and its genome is approximately 10.8 kilobases of positive-strand rna enclosed in a capsid and surrounded by a membrane. studies on the replication dynamics of zikv are scarce, which limits the development of antiviral agents and vaccines directed against zikv. in this study, aedes albopictus mosquito lineage cells (c6/36 cells) and african green monkey kidney epithelial cells (vero cells) were inoculated with a zikv sample isolated from a b ...201728898286
seroprevalence of zika virus in wild african green monkeys and baboons.zika virus (zikv) has recently spread through the americas and has been associated with a range of health effects, including birth defects in children born to women infected during pregnancy. although the natural reservoir of zikv remains poorly defined, the virus was first identified in a captive "sentinel" macaque monkey in africa in 1947. however, the virus has not been reported in humans or nonhuman primates (nhps) in africa outside gabon in over a decade. here, we examine zikv infection in ...201728289727
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