enterobacterial colonization in captive red-eared sliders (trachemys scripta elegans).the handling of turtles and other reptiles can be associated with risk of pathogenic enterobacteria transmission, mainly salmonella spp. the aim of this study was to identify the enterobacteria in cloacal swabs of 39 red-eared sliders (trachemys scripta elegans). cloacal swabs from 39 captive individuals were analyzed. after sample enrichment in brain-heart infusion broth and 1% peptone water, bacterial isolation was performed through cultivation in blood, macconkey and xylose lysine desoxychola ...201425632683
evolutionary adaptation to temperature. viii. effects of temperature on growth rate in natural isolates of escherichia coli and salmonella enterica from different thermal environments.are enteric bacteria specifically adapted to the thermal environment of their hosts? in particular, do the optimal temperatures and thermal niches of the bacterial flora reflect seasonal, geographic, or phylogenetic differences in their hosts' temperatures? we examined these questions by measuring the relationship between the temperature-dependent growth rates of enteric bacteria in a free-living ectothermic host. we sampled two species of enteric bacteria (escherichia coli and salmonella enteri ...200111263744
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