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a description of isospora amphiboluri (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from the inland bearded dragon, pogona vitticeps (sauria: agamidae).fecal samples from 50 captive inland bearded dragons, pogona vitticeps (ahl, 1926), bred in california, were examined for coccidian parasites. sixteen (32%) of the lizards were found to be passing oocysts of isospora amphiboluri cannon, 1967, previously described from bearded dragons pogona barbata (cuvier, 1829) from australia. sporulated oocytes were spherical to subspherical, 25.3 x 25.1 (23-26 x 23-26) microns, with a shape index (length/width) of 1.0 (1.0-1.1). a micropyle, oocyst residuum, ...19957707208
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