serum antibody prevalence for herpesvirus sylvilagus, bacillus piliformis and california serogroup arboviruses in cottontail rabbits from pennsylvania.a serologic survey of 60 eastern cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) from three counties in pennsylvania was conducted in march 1983. serum antibody prevalences for herpesvirus sylvilagus and la crosse virus (california serogroup) were less than 4%. there was no evidence of previous exposure to either jamestown canyon or snowshoe hare viruses (california serogroup). antibody to trivittatus virus (california serogroup) was found in 60% of the 20 cottontails from york county. no cottontails ...19883373643
tyzzer's disease in free-living cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) in maryland.complement-fixing (cf) antibody to bacillus piliformis antigen was found in 9 of 14 (64%) serum samples obtained from cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) killed in the wild. cf antibody was not present in the serum of 8 cottontail rabbits trapped as juveniles in the same geographic areas and held in captivity for 4 years. sero-negative cottontail rabbits died acutely with lesions typical of tyzzer's disease following the intragastric administration of 10(3.8) eld50 of b. piliformis spores ...197616502694
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