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powassan and silverwater viruses: ecology of two ontario arboviruses.powassan virus was isolated from a pool of ixodes marxi ticks collected during late august 1962, from a red squirrel, tamiasciurus hudsonicus, and from blood obtained from a red squirrel during early october 1962 near powassan, ontario, where a child contracted fatal encephalitis due to this virus in september 1958. the frequent detection of powassan virus neutralizing antibody in sera of squirrels captured during autumn, but rarely at other seasons, and the frequent i. marxi infestation of squi ...196313932161
powassan virus: vernal spread during 1965.powassan virus was isolated from seven pools of ixodes cookei ticks removed from groundhogs (marmota monax) collected near north bay, ontario, between may and august 1965, including five pools obtained during spring. tick pools, each comprising one to nine ticks, contained 2.0 to 5.5 log(10) tcd(50) of virus upon titration in monolayer cultures of primary swine kidney cells. powassan virus neutralizing antibody prevalence in sera of the current season's groundhogs increased steadily from zero du ...19665904925
isolations of silverwater virus from naturally infected snowshoe hares and haemaphysalis ticks from alberta and wisconsin. 19714994894
silverwater virus serology in snowshoe hares and other vertebrates. 19714994895
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