serologic survey for actinobacillus capsulatus in free-ranging snowshoe hares (lepus americanus) from alaska and alberta.a plate agglutination method was developed to test sera from free-ranging snowshoe hares (lepus americanus) captured in alaska (usa) or alberta (canada) for antibody against actinobacillus capsulatus. antiserum against a. capsulatus was prepared in a domestic rabbit. a concentrated suspension of formalin-killed a. capsulatus was prepared for use as an antigen. serum antibody prevalence for hares was 98 of 239 (41%) in alaska and 51 of 111 (46%) in alberta. prevalence in alaska peaked in 1981 cor ...19902250327
actinobacillosis in free-ranging snowshoe hares (lepus americanus) from alaska.actinobacillus capsulatus was isolated from lung, liver, and/or spleen tissue of three snowshoe hares (lepus americanus) in alaska. this is the first report of the isolation of this bacterium from free-ranging hares. actinobacillus capsulatus may have a negative impact on the population density of hares.19883352090
emended description of actinobacillus capsulatus arseculeratne 1962, 38al.the taxonomic position of actinobacillus capsulatus, a member of the family pasteurellaceae found in rabbits, hares and hamsters, has been challenged. 16s rrna gene (rrs) sequence data show the species to be heterogeneous. using a polyphasic approach, 23 strains that were identified previously as belonging, or closely related, to a. capsulatus were analysed. eighty characters were included in the phenotypic analysis. phylogenetic analysis was done based on rrs, rpob, infb and recn sequences. in ...200717329797
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