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toxoplasmosis in a california sea lion (zalophus californianus).disseminated toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in a female california sea lion that had been used in thermoregulation studies for about 4 years while housed in a small enclosure with a fresh-water pool at the university of hawaii, honolulu. toxoplasma gondii was demonstrated in and around necrotic lesions of the heart and the stomach. source of the infection was not established; however, studies on toxoplasmosis in cats were being conducted at the institution, and common caretakers attended both group ...1977835862
transmission of toxoplasma: clues from the study of sea otters as sentinels of toxoplasma gondii flow into the marine environment.toxoplasma gondii affects a wide variety of hosts including threatened southern sea otters (enhydra lutris nereis) which serve as sentinels for the detection of the parasite's transmission into marine ecosystems. toxoplasmosis is a major cause of mortality and contributor to the slow rate of population recovery for southern sea otters in california. an updated seroprevalence analysis showed that 52% of 305 freshly dead, beachcast sea otters and 38% of 257 live sea otters sampled along the califo ...200516157341
serological evidence of toxoplasma gondii infection in captive marine mammals in mexico.toxoplasma gondii infection in marine mammals is important because they are considered as a sentinel for contamination of seas with t. gondii oocysts, and toxoplasmosis causes mortality in these animals, particularly sea otters. serological evidence of t. gondii infection was determined in 75 captive marine mammals from four facilities in southern and central geographical regions in mexico using the modified agglutination test (mat). antibodies (mat, 1:25 or higher) to t. gondii were found in 55 ...201121944844
discovery of three novel coccidian parasites infecting california sea lions (zalophus californianus) with evidence of sexual replication and interspecies pathogenicity.abstract enteric protozoal infection was identified in 5 stranded california sea lions (zalophus californianus). microscopically, the apical cytoplasm of distal jejunal enterocytes contained multiple stages of coccidian parasites, including schizonts with merozoites and spherical gametocytes, morphologically similar to coccidian parasites. by histopathology, organisms appeared to be confined to the intestine and accompanied by only mild enteritis. using electron microscopy, both sexual (microgam ...201121495828
epidemiology and pathology of toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging california sea lions (zalophus californianus).the coccidian parasite toxoplasma gondii infects humans and warm-blooded animals worldwide. the ecology of this parasite in marine systems is poorly understood, although many marine mammals are infected and susceptible to clinical toxoplasmosis. we summarized the lesions associated with t. gondii infection in the california sea lion (zalophus californianus) population and investigated the prevalence of and risk factors associated with t. gondii exposure, as indicated by antibody. five confirmed ...201525588007
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