hazards of disease transfer from marine mammals to land mammals: review and recent a 5-year study (1972-1977) of microbial agents isolated from both clinically normal and diseased marine mammals, it was shown that certain disease agents are widespread in a diversity of ocean populations and that some are also transmissible to a number of terrestrial mammal species. leptospira interrogans serovar pomona has been isolated repeatedly from 2 species of pinnipeds (zalophus californianus califonianus and callorhinus ursinus). some of the more important bacterial pathogens for lan ...1978738931
pasteurella multocida isolated from a california sea lion (zalophus californianus). 19685692913
Otariodibacter oris gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the family Pasteurellaceae isolated from the oral cavity of pinnipeds.A total of 27 bacterial isolates from California sea lions and a walrus tentatively classified with the family Pasteurellaceae were further characterized by geno- and phenotypic tests. Phylogenetic analysis of partial 16S rRNA and rpoB gene sequences showed that the isolates investigated formed a monophyletic group, tentatively designated Bisgaard taxon 57. According to 16S rRNA gene sequence, the closest related validly named species was Bisgaardia hudsonensis with 95 % similarity and the close ...201122199211
isolation of a retrovirus and a herpesvirus from a captive california sea lion.a non-oncogenic retrovirus was isolated from an explanted skin biopsy from a captive california sea lion (zalophus californianus) with a history of recurring skin lesions. the morphology of the viral particles in electron photomicrographs was characteristic of a foamy virus, a retrovirus in the subfamily spumavirinae. viral cytopathic effects consistent with foamy virus infection were observed in subsequent explants of skin and lymph nodes and co-cultivated peripheral blood leukocytes. the sea l ...19863012127
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