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discovery of three novel coccidian parasites infecting california sea lions (zalophus californianus) with evidence of sexual replication and interspecies pathogenicity.abstract enteric protozoal infection was identified in 5 stranded california sea lions (zalophus californianus). microscopically, the apical cytoplasm of distal jejunal enterocytes contained multiple stages of coccidian parasites, including schizonts with merozoites and spherical gametocytes, morphologically similar to coccidian parasites. by histopathology, organisms appeared to be confined to the intestine and accompanied by only mild enteritis. using electron microscopy, both sexual (microgam ...201121495828
identification of two novel coccidian species shed by california sea lions (zalophus californianus).abstract routine fecal examination revealed novel coccidian oocysts in asymptomatic californa sea lions (zalophus californianus) in a rehabilitation facility. coccidian oocysts were observed in fecal samples collected from 15 of 410 california sea lions admitted to the marine mammal center between april 2007 and october 2009. phylogenetic analysis using the full its-1 region, partial small subunit 18s rdna sequence and the apicomplexa rpob region identified 2 distinct sequence clades, referred ...201122091999
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