the prevalence of sarcocystis spp in dogs and red foxes.protozoan parasites of the genus sarcocystis have been recognised for many years as intramuscular cysts of numerous vertebrates. it is only comparatively recently that the two-host nature of the life cycle has been recognised and that the intramuscular cysts are a stage in the developmental cycle of coccidian parasites of flesh eating mammals (fayer 1974, fayer and johnson 1973, 1974, rommel and others 1972, dubey 1976). carnivores ingest the intramuscular cysts from herbivores and presumably fr ...1978416553
experimental infections of sarcocystis cruzi, sarcocystis tenella, sarcocystis capracanis and toxoplasma gondii in red foxes (vulpes vulpes).four littermate 6-wk-old red foxes (nos. 1-4) were fed toxoplasma gondii, sarcocystis cruzi, s. tenella and s. capracanis. one littermate fox (no. 5) served as the control. two foxes (nos. 1, 2) were fed tissue cysts of t. gondii and two foxes (nos. 3, 4) were fed oocysts of t. gondii. twenty-one to 42 days later, the same five foxes were used to test the infectivity of meat of goat, sheep, and ox experimentally inoculated with sarcocystis. fox 2 was fed goat meat and shed s. capracanis-like spo ...19836417347
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