a bait-delivered immunocontraceptive vaccine for the european red fox (vulpes vulpes) by the year 2002?an orally-delivered immunocontraceptive vaccine is being developed for the control of fox populations. a number of genes (ph-20, ldh-c4, zp3) encoding gamete proteins have been cloned, produced in recombinant expression systems and used in fertility trials to test the efficacy of these antigens. as the immunocontraceptive vaccine will be delivered in a bait, there is a requirement for a greater understanding of the immune responses of the reproductive mucosa in canids, and the assessment of the ...19979109200
regulation of reproductive tract immunoglobulins by oestradiol-17beta in the european red fox.the effect of the ovarian hormone, oestradiol-17beta, on reproductive tract immunity in the female fox was investigated. reproductive tract antibody responses were induced by either peyer's patch immunization with a recombinant fox sperm protein, or by oral immunization with live, attenuated salmonella typhimurium. the effect of exogenous oestradiol-17beta or the stage of the oestrous cycle on reproductive tract immunity was assessed. the secretion of specific vaginal iga, but not vaginal igg, a ...19979418983
antigen-specific systemic and reproductive tract antibodies in foxes immunized with salmonella typhimurium expressing bacterial and sperm proteins.attenuated salmonella typhimurium strains are potential 'safe' delivery vectors of an oral immunocontraceptive vaccine for the european red fox (vulpes vulpes). in the present study, model bacterial (escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin b subunit, ltb) and fox sperm (fsp10) antigens were expressed in s. typhimurium sl3261 (delta aroa) under the control of the trc promoter. adult female foxes were given three oral immunizations with sl3261 containing either ltb (sl3261/pltb), fsp10 (sl3261/pf ...199910898286
construction and immunological assessment of salmonella typhimurium expressing fox sperm ldh-c4.this study examined immune responses of foxes to oral doses of recombinant salmonella typhimurium expressing fox sperm-specific lactate dehydrogenase (fldh). the cdna for fldh was cloned into the expression plasmid pkk233.2 (pkkfldh). salmonella typhimurium aroa- (sl3261) was transformed with either the pkk233.2 plasmid alone (spkk) or the pkkfldh construct (spkfldh). the fldh expressed by spkfldh retained enzymatic activity and was recognized by human ldh-c4-specific antibody. male european red ...199811596868
natural and experimental salmonella typhimurium infections in foxes (vulpes vulpes).the red fox (vulpes vulpes) can be considered as a relevant indicator species for salmonella in the local environment and salmonella faecal carriage was investigated in 215 red foxes in norway shot during the winters 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. fourteen (6.5%) of the foxes carried salmonella. four isolates were determined as serovars kottbus (n=2) and hessarek (n=2) of salmonella enterica subspecies enterica, and one as s. enterica subspecies iiib:61:k:1,5,(7). the remaining nine isolates were s. e ...200818547749
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