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diseases and parasites of red foxes, gray foxes, and coyotes from commercial sources selling to fox-chasing enclosures.fifty-six red foxes (vulpes vulpes), 18 gray foxes (urocyon cinereoargenteus), and 13 coyotes (canis latrans) obtained by the south carolina wildlife and marine resources department during an investigation of suspected illegal wildlife translocation were examined for diseases and parasites. red foxes and coyotes were confiscated from an animal dealer based in ohio (usa), and gray foxes were purchased from an animal dealer in indiana (usa). emphasis was placed on detection of pathogens representi ...19921474656
unveiling patterns of viral pathogen infection in free-ranging carnivores of northern portugal using a complementary methodological approach.pathogen surveillance in free-ranging carnivores presents challenges due to their low densitie and secretive nature. we combined molecular and serological assays to investigate infections by viral pathogens (canine parvovirus (cpv), canine distemper virus (cdv) and canine coronavirus (ccov)) in portuguese carnivores (canis lupus, vulpes vulpes, lutra lutra, martes foina, m. martes, meles meles, and genetta genetta) over a period of 16 years. additionally we explored spatio-temporal patterns of v ...202032062189
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