a serologic survey of the island fox (urocyon littoralis) on the channel islands, california.the island fox is listed as a threatened species in california. a serologic survey of 194 island foxes (urocyon littoralis) was conducted over the entire range of the species on the channel islands (california, usa). antibody prevalence against canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus reached 97% and 59%, respectively, in some populations sampled. antibody prevalence of canine herpesvirus, canine coronavirus, leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis were low. antibodies against canine distemper virus were ...19921318424
pathogen exposure in endangered island fox (urocyon littoralis) populations: implications for conservation management.island fox (urocyon littoralis) populations on four california channel islands have declined severely since 1994. canine distemper (cdv) was suspected to be responsible for the decline of the santa catalina island fox, so knowledge of infectious disease exposure in the remaining island fox populations was urgently needed. this study reviewed previous pathogen exposure in island foxes and investigated the current threat by conducting a serologic survey of foxes on all islands and sympatric feral ...200632226080
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