the impact of sexual selection on corynosoma magdaleni (acanthocephala) infrapopulations in saimaa ringed seals (phoca hispida saimensis).in free-living animals sexual selection is a central force shaping the spatial distribution of individuals in a population as well as sexual size dimorphism. we studied the influence of sexual selection on spatial distribution, female-to-male body size ratio, and female mating success of acanthocephalans in a natural host population of saimaa ringed seal (phoca hispida saimensis) harbouring a single intestinal helminth species, corynosoma magdaleni. the acanthocephalans were always found along t ...200415030005
intestinal helminths of a landlocked ringed seal (phoca hispida saimensis) population in eastern finland.a small, landlocked, endangered ringed seal (phoca hispida saimensis) population lives as a postglacial relict in lake saimaa in eastern finland. in this study, the intestinal metazoans were examined from a total of 61 saimaa seals found dead from 1981 to 2001. the helminth fauna was very depauperate. only one acanthocephalan species, corynosoma magdaleni, has been able to survive during isolation in the freshwater environment. in addition, only two cestode species were found: diphyllobothrium d ...200312884015
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