outbreak of campylobacteriosis associated with raccoon contact at a wildlife rehabilitation centre, minnesota, 2013.campylobacteriosis is an enteric illness caused by bacteria of the genus campylobacter. there are approximately 900 culture-confirmed cases of campylobacteriosis reported annually to the minnesota department of health (mdh). case patients are interviewed about risk factors, including foods eaten, recreational and drinking water exposures and animal contact. in september 2013, mdh identified two campylobacter jejuni cases who reported working at the same wildlife rehabilitation centre before illn ...201727576067
cluster analysis of campylobacter jejuni genotypes isolated from small and medium-sized mammalian wildlife and bovine livestock from ontario farms.using data collected from a cross-sectional study of 25 farms (eight beef, eight swine and nine dairy) in 2010, we assessed clustering of molecular subtypes of c. jejuni based on a campylobacter-specific 40 gene comparative genomic fingerprinting assay (cgf40) subtypes, using unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic mean (upgma) analysis, and multiple correspondence analysis. exact logistic regression was used to determine which genes differentiate wildlife and livestock subtypes in our stud ...201727492809
molecular and statistical analysis of campylobacter spp. and antimicrobial-resistant campylobacter carriage in wildlife and livestock from ontario farms.the objectives of this study were to (i) compare the carriage of campylobacter and antimicrobial-resistant campylobacter among livestock and mammalian wildlife on ontario farms, and (ii) investigate the potential sharing of campylobacter subtypes between livestock and wildlife. using data collected from a cross-sectional study of 25 farms in 2010, we assessed associations, using mixed logistic regression models, between campylobacter and antimicrobial-resistant campylobacter carriage and the fol ...201727460061
campylobacter jejuni and arcobacter species associated with intussusception in a raccoon (procyon lotor). 200415470973
health survey of free-ranging raccoons (procyon lotor) in central park, new york, new york, usa: implications for human and domestic animal health.we conducted health assessments on 113 free-ranging raccoons ( procyon lotor ) in central park, new york city, us, in february 2010, september 2010, and november 2011 in conjunction with a trap-vaccinate-release program to control a raccoon rabies epizootic. five individuals were sampled at two time points for 118 raccoon examinations in total. we tested 13 of 13 and 8 of 13 euthanized raccoons for rabies and canine distemper virus (cdv), respectively, by antigen testing on brain tissue; all wer ...201728135131
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