brucella abortus in wildlife on selected cattle farms in alabama.two studies of brucellosis in wildlife on farms where the brucellosis infection prevalence in cattle was known are reported. on a research farm, 233 feral animals of 22 mammalian species and 12 of seven avian species were trapped during three time periods. sixty were studied before cattle were introduced, 128 were studied while 501 cattle infected with brucella abortus were calving and aborting, and 60 specimens were collected 20 mo after the last infected cow calved. selected tissues from 229 w ...19853923213
small mammals and white-tailed deer as possible reservoir hosts of brucella abortus in texas.four hundred sixty-eight wild mammals were collected from four ranches in texas where brucella-infected cattle herds are maintained, and examined as possible reservoir hosts for brucella abortus. seventy-one serums from five species were tested for brucella antibodies. liver and spleen from 453 mammals (14 species) were cultured for b. abortus. results of the serologic and bacteriologic examination of rodents, opossums (didelphis virginiana), raccoons (procyon lotor) and white-tailed deer (odoco ...19806768900
serologic survey of brucellosis in captive neotropical wild carnivores in northeast brazil.abstract. this study reports the detection of antibodies against brucella abortus and b. canis in wild neotropical carnivores kept in captivity in three zoos in northeastern brazil. a total of 42 serum samples were examined, 17 from coatis (nasua nasua), eight from crab-eating raccoons (procyon cancrivorus), three from crab-eating foxes (cerdocyon thous), three from hoary foxes (lycalopex vetulus), two from little spotted cats (leopardus tigrinus), five from tayras (eira barbara), two from great ...201222779245
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