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serologic survey for brucella spp., phocid herpesvirus-1, phocid herpesvirus-2, and phocine distemper virus in harbor seals from alaska, 1976-1999.harbor seals (phoca vitulina richardsi) were captured in the coastal regions of southeast alaska, gulf of alaska, prince william sound (pws), and kodiak island during 1976-1999. blood was collected from 286 seals. sera were tested for evidence of exposure to brucella spp., phocid herpesvirus-1 (phohv-1), phocid herpesvirus-2 (phhv-2), and phocine distemper virus (pdv). antibody prevalence rates were 46% (46/100) for brucella spp., 93% (225/243) for phohv-1, 0% (0/286) for phhv-2, and 1% (2/160) ...200616870851
infectious disease and toxicological monitoring of stranded pacific harbor seals (phoca vitulina richardsi) in cook inlet as surrogates for monitoring endangered belugas (delphinapterus leucas).pacific harbor seals ( phoca vitulina richardsi) and belugas ( delphinapterus leucas ) eat many of the same prey species, occupy the same geographic area, and demonstrate site fidelity in cook inlet, alaska. although most direct research involving the critically endangered belugas is currently prohibited, studying harbor seals may provide important information about this beluga population. in recent years, harbor seal populations in alaska have declined for unknown reasons. as part of its strand ...201627691941
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