use of modified live feline panleukopenia virus vaccine to immunize dogs against canine parvovirus.modified live feline panleukopenia virus (fplv) vaccine protected dogs against canine parvovirus (cpv) infection. however, unlike the long-lived (greater than or equal to 20-month) immunity engendered by cpv infection, the response of dogs to living fplv was variable. doses of fplv (snow leopard strain) in excess of 10(5.7) tcid50 were necessary for uniform immunization; smaller inocula resulted in decreased success rates. the duration of immunity, as measured by the persistence of hemagglutinat ...19836299142
successive deaths of a captive snow leopard (uncia uncia) and a serval (leptailurus serval) by infection with feline panleukopenia virus at sapporo maruyama zoo.feline parvoviruses were isolated from frozen samples of intestines taken from a snow leopard (uncia uncia) and a serval (leptailurus serval) that died successively at sapporo maruyama zoo in hokkaido, japan. isolates possessed an antigenic epitope for both the feline panleukopenia virus (fplv) and mink enteritis virus, identified with a hemagglutination inhibition test. sequencing analyses of the vp2 region of the isolates revealed that the two isolates were identical and of the fplv-type. thes ...201021116104
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