single major polypeptide of a calicivirus: characterization by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and stabilization of virions by cross-linking with dimethyl suberimidate.a calicivirus, san miguel sea lion virus serotype 4, isolate 15ft, externally labelled with 125i, was shown by gel electrophoresis to possess a single major polypeptide. the polypeptide migrated anomalously upon electrophoresis in two sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) systems: more slowly than bovine serum albumin in a continuous phosphate-buffered system and more rapidly than bovine serum albumin in a discontinuous system. estimated molecular weights in the two systems were approximately 71,000 and ...1976972435
crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of san miguel sea lion virus: an animal calicivirus.the caliciviridae is a family of nonenveloped, icosahedral, positive-sense single-stranded rna viruses. this family of viruses consists of both animal and human pathogens. adapting human caliciviruses to cell culture has not been successful, whereas some animal caliciviruses, including san miguel sea lion virus, have been successfully propagated in vitro. here we report the crystallization of san miguel sea lion virus serotype 4 (smsv4) and the preliminary x-ray crystallographic analysis of the ...200312615540
inter- and intragenus structural variations in caliciviruses and their functional implications.the family caliciviridae is divided into four genera and consists of single-stranded rna viruses with hosts ranging from humans to a wide variety of animals. human caliciviruses are the major cause of outbreaks of acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis, whereas animal caliciviruses cause various host-dependent illnesses with a documented potential for zoonoses. to investigate inter- and intragenus structural variations and to provide a better understanding of the structural basis of host specificity ...200415163740
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