public health investigations of salmonella enteritidis in catering raw shell eggs, response to a dramatic change in the epidemiology of salmonella enteritidis in england and wales thought to be associated with raw shell eggs, the health protection agency initiated public health investigations to establish the incidence of salmonella contamination and origin of eggs used by catering premises implicated in outbreaks of salm. enteritidis.200717576219
similarities between salmonella enteritidis isolated from humans and captive wild animals in south africa.salmonella is well recognized as an aetiological agent of gastrointestinal and diarrhoeal disease. salmonella enterica serotype enteritidis (salmonella enteritidis) is one of the commonest serotypes associated with foodborne illness. in south africa, we compared salmonella enteritidis strains isolated from humans with gastroenteritis and strains isolated from captive wild animals, between june 2011 and july 2012.201425500660
prevalence and characterization of salmonella shed by captive and free-range california sea lions (zalophus californianus) from a rehabilitation center and three state reserves along the california coast.salmonella is a genus of zoonotic bacteria that can infect a variety of animals, and may cause gastrointestinal disease in marine mammals. many of the same salmonella serotypes are shed by california sea lions (zalophus californianus) and humans, which poses transmission questions and public health concerns. in this study, 454 fecal samples from three free-ranging california sea lion populations along the california coast and from animals undergoing rehabilitation at the marine mammal center, sa ...201425314819
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