a lion lentivirus related to feline immunodeficiency virus: epidemiologic and phylogenetic aspects.feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) is a novel lentivirus that is genetically homologous and functionally analogous to the human aids viruses, human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2. fiv causes immunosuppression in domestic cats by destroying the cd4 t-lymphocyte subsets in infected hosts. a serological survey of over 400 free-ranging african and asian lions (panthera leo) for antibodies to fiv revealed endemic lentivirus prevalence with an incidence of seropositivity as high as 90%. a lion ...19948057472
infectivity of lion and puma lentiviruses for domestic cats.infection of domestic cats with feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) causes progressive immunological deterioration similar to that caused by human immunodeficiency virus (hiv). lentiviruses related to but phylogenetically distinct from fiv have been detected in several non-domestic feline species. serological cross-reactivity of these viruses raises the question as to whether inter-species transmission may occur. to address this issue, we asked whether lion lentivirus (fiv-ple) or two strains of ...19979129651
nonpathogenic lion and puma lentiviruses impart resistance to superinfection by virulent feline immunodeficiency virus.lion lentivirus (llv) and puma lentivirus (plv) exist as highly divergent virus clades among populations of indigenously infected nondomestic felidae. the feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) is highly divergent from llv and plv and is pathogenic for domestic cats. when domestic cats are infected with llv or plv, they have immunologically and clinically silent persistent infections. we examined whether llv or plv infection might impart resistance to fiv superinfection in vitro by infecting domest ...200211782584
domestic cats infected with lion or puma lentivirus develop anti-feline immunodeficiency virus immune responses.attenuated live viral strains have afforded significant protection against virus challenge in hiv vaccine models. although both cellular and humoral immunity are assumed to be vital for protection, specific parameters consistently associated with control of infection have been elusive. our previous studies have shown that lentiviruses from 2 nondomestic feline species--lion (pathera leo) and puma (felis concolor)--persistently but nonpathogenetically infect domestic cats (felis domestica). moreo ...200314501789
neurologic disease in captive lions (panthera leo) with low-titer lion lentivirus infection.lion lentivirus (llv; also known as feline immunodeficiency virus of lion, panthera leo [fivple]) is present in free-ranging and captive lion populations at a seroprevalence of up to 100%; however, clinical signs are rarely reported. llv displays up to 25% interclade sequence diversity, suggesting that it has been in the lion population for some time and may be significantly host adapted. three captive lions diagnosed with llv infection displayed lymphocyte subset alterations and progressive beh ...200617005739
variability in assays used for detection of lentiviral infection in bobcats (lynx rufus), pumas (puma concolor), and ocelots (leopardus pardalis).although lentiviruses similar to feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) are known to infect numerous felid species, the relative utility of assays used for detecting lentiviral infection has not been compared for many of these hosts. we tested bobcats (lynx rufus), pumas (felis concolor), and ocelots (leopardus pardalis) for exposure to lentivirus using five different assays: puma lentivirus (plv), african lion lentivirus (llv), and domestic cat fiv-based immunoblots, a commercially available enzym ...200717984266
the epidemiology of lion lentivirus infection among a population of free-ranging lions (panthera leo) in the kruger national park, south africa.feline immunodeficiency virus is a lentivirus of domestic cats that causes significant lifelong infection. infection with this or similar lentiviruses has been detected in several nondomestic feline species, including african lions (panthera leo). although lion lentivirus (fivple) infection is endemic in certain lion populations in eastern and southern africa, little is known about its pathogenic effects or its epidemiological impact in free-ranging lions. this report describes the epidemiologic ...200920169747
sensitivity and specificity of a nested polymerase chain reaction for detection of lentivirus infection in lions (panthera leo).feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) is a lentivirus in the retroviridae family that causes lifelong infection in domestic cats. the lentivirus of african lions (panthera leo), referred to as fivple, is endemic in certain lion populations in eastern and southern africa. lentivirus infection leads to immunologic dysfunction and immunosuppressive disease in domestic cats; however, little is known about the pathogenic effects of infection in lions, nor about the epidemiologic impact on free-ranging ...201021370640
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