microbesnoitia leoni bwangamoi, 1989, from the african lion (panthera leo) redetermined as a junior synonym of hepatozoon canis (james, 1905) wenyon, 1926.hepatozoon canis-like schizonts were found in the hearts of 2 lionesses (panthera leo) from kenya. the parasite, initially described as a new genus and new species microbesnoitia leoni bwangamoi, 1989, is determined to be a junior synonym of hapatozoon canis (james, 1905) wenyon, 1926.19948158481
molecular characterization of hepatozoon spp. infection in endangered indian wild felids and canids.hepatozoon species are parasites that infect a wide variety of domestic and wild animals. the objective of this study was to perform the molecular detection and characterization of hepatozoon spp. in asiatic lion, indian tiger, indian leopard, indian wild dog, indian domestic dog and cat based on partial 18s rrna gene sequences from hepatozoon spp. in the naturally infected animals. hepatozoon spp. could be detected in blood samples of 5 out of 9 asiatic lions, 2 out of 5 indian tigers, 2 out of ...201122154254
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