infectious disease and the decline of steller sea lions (eumetopias jubatus) in alaska, usa: insights from serologic data.serologic data were examined to determine whether infectious disease may have played a role in the decline of steller sea lions (eumetopias jubatus) in the gulf of alaska and aleutian islands, usa. available published data, unpublished data, and recent collections (1997-2000) were compared and reviewed. data were stratified by geography to compare the declining western alaskan population in the aleutian islands through eastern prince william sound to the increasing population in southeastern ala ...200516244061
isolation of a novel adenovirus from california sea lions zalophus californianus.viral hepatitis associated with adenoviral infection has been reported in california sea lions zalophus californianus admitted to rehabilitation centers along the california coast since the 1970s. canine adenovirus 1 (cadv-1) causes viral hepatitis in dogs and infects a number of wildlife species. attempts to isolate the virus from previous sea lion hepatitis cases were unsuccessful, but as the hepatitis had morphologic features resembling canine infectious hepatitis, and since the virus has a w ...201121790072
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