occurrence and molecular characterization of hemoplasmas in domestic dogs and wild mammals in a brazilian wetland.hemotropic mycoplasmas are known to cause anemia in several mammalian species. the present work aimed to investigate the occurrence of mycoplasma spp. in wild mammals, domestic dogs and their respective ectoparasites, in southern pantanal region, central-western brazil. between august 2013 and march 2015, 31 nasua nasua, 78 cerdocyon thous, seven leopardus pardalis, 42 dogs, 110 wild rodents, and 30 marsupials were trapped and ectoparasites (ticks and fleas) found parasitizing the animals were c ...201728366511
microscopic and molecular identification of hemotropic mycoplasmas in south american coatis (nasua nasua).hemoplasmas were detected in two apparently healthy captive south american coatis (nasua nasua) from southern brazil during an investigation for vector-borne pathogens. blood was subjected to packed cell volume (pcv) determination, a commercial real-time pcr panel for the detection of anaplasma spp., babesia spp., bartonella spp., hepatozoon spp., leishmania spp., mycoplasma haemofelis, 'candidatus mycoplasma turicensis', 'candidatus mycoplasma haemominutum', neorickettsia risticii, rickettsia r ...201728750863
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