the isolation of salmonella typhi-murium from ferrets. 194816561473
the isolation of salmonella typhi-murium from ferrets. 194818902265
preclinical effectiveness of a novel pulp capping material.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the direct pulp capping response to a novel resin-based calcium phosphate cement (rcpc).201020630303
treatment of inflamed ferret dental pulps with recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-7.recombinant human bmp-7 (bone morphogenetic protein-7, osteogenic protein-1) is osteogenic, dentinogenic and cementogenic when implanted into the appropriate tissue in vivo. however, most studies characterizing the induction of these tissues have implanted bmp-7 into freshly surgerized, clinically healthy tissues. to determine if bmp-7 is dentinogenic in inflamed dental pulps, we applied bmp-7 to inflamed ferret pulps. a single application of 5 microg of a commercial preparation of lipopolysacch ...200010872990
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