[the fever reaction of the polecat mustela putorius x mustela putorius furo to a bacterial pyrogen: the hypo- and hyperthermic phases].it has been demonstrated that the ferret (mustela putorius x mustela putorius furo) responds to intramuscular injection of salmonella typhi lipopolysaccharide (30 ng/kg-100 micrograms/kg) by biphasic change in the body temperature (tb): the initial decrease in the latter is followed by hyperthermia. maximum rise in tb (1.6 +/- 0.1 degrees c) was observed after the injection of lipopolysaccharide in the highest dose. rabbit leucocytic pyrogen/interleukin-1 (1 ml from 3.5 x 10(7) peritoneal phagoc ...19921302417
the isolation of salmonella typhi-murium from ferrets. 194816561473
the isolation of salmonella typhi-murium from ferrets. 194818902265
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