contact with domestic dogs increases pathogen exposure in endangered african wild dogs (lycaon pictus).infectious diseases have contributed to the decline and local extinction of several wildlife species, including african wild dogs (lycaon pictus). mitigating such disease threats is challenging, partly because uncertainty about disease dynamics makes it difficult to identify the best management approaches. serious impacts on susceptible populations most frequently occur when generalist pathogens are maintained within populations of abundant (often domestic) "reservoir" hosts, and spill over into ...201222238695
the effect of protected areas on pathogen exposure in endangered african wild dog (lycaon pictus) populations.infectious diseases impact african wild dogs (lycaon pictus), but the nature and magnitude of this threat likely varies among populations according to different factors, such as the presence and prevalence of pathogens and land-use characteristics. we systematically evaluated these factors to assist development of locally appropriate strategies to mitigate disease risk. wild dogs from 16 sites representing five unconnected populations were examined for rabies virus, canine distemper virus (cdv), ...201232226083
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