distribution and molecular phylogeny of biliary trematodes (opisthorchiidae) infecting native lutra lutra and alien neovison vison across europe.the recent identification of pseudamphistomum truncatum, (rudolphi, 1819) (trematoda: opisthorchiidae) and metorchis bilis (braun, 1790) odening, 1962 (synonymous with metorchis albidus (braun, 1893) loos, 1899 and metorchis crassiusculus (rudolphi, 1809) looss, 1899 (trematoda: opisthorchiidae)) in otters from britain caused concern because of associated biliary damage, coupled with speculation over their alien status. here, we investigate the presence, intensity and phylogeny of these trematod ...201626620805
integrative taxonomy of european parasitic flatworms of the genus metorchis looss, 1899 (trematoda: opisthorchiidae).metorchis spp. are flukes (platyhelminthes: digenea) that infect vertebrates, including humans, dogs, cats, poultry and wild game, with cyprinid freshwater fish serving as typical second intermediate hosts. in their definitive hosts, the metorchis spp. are difficult to identify to species. we provide and analyze sequences of two nuclear (18s rdna and its2) and two mitochondrial (co1 and nd1) dna loci of four morphologically identified european species of the metorchis, namely metorchis albidus, ...201626794684
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