coproscopical investigations of the european otter (lutra lutra) from białowieza primeval forest.the parasitofauna of the european otter (lutra lutra) remains poorly known in poland. in the presented study 106 fecal samples from otters living in the białowieza primeval forest were examined, using standard flotation and sedimentation methods. we found that the overall prevalence of parasitic infections was 30.1%. eggs of alaria alata (0.9%), opistorchis or metorchis sp. (5.7%), diphyllobothrium latum (1.9%) and aonchotheca putori (1.9%) were identified, but in other cases the species of para ...201020707304
parasites of carnivorous mammals in białowieza primeval forest.although the parasitofauna of wild carnivorous mammals in poland is quite well recognized, there has been only one research carried on this issue so far in białowieza forest--the last lowland primeval forest of temperate zone in europe.200617007336
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