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serologic survey of domestic felids in the petén region of guatemala.blood samples were analyzed from 30 domestic cats (felis domesticus) from the petén region of guatemala to determine the seroprevalence of common pathogens that may pose a potential risk to native wild felids. eight of the cats had been vaccinated previously; however, owners were unable to fully describe the type of vaccine and date of administration. in addition, blood samples were obtained from two captive margays (leopardus wiedii). samples were tested for antibodies to feline immunodeficienc ...200517315469
canine distemper virus in wild felids of costa rica.several highly infectious diseases can be transmitted through feces and cause elevated mortality among carnivore species. one such infectious agent, canine distemper virus (cdv; paramyxoviridae: morbillivirus), has been reported to affect wild carnivores, among them several felid species. we screened free-ranging and captive wild carnivores in costa rica for cdv. between 2006 and 2012, we collected 306 fecal samples from 70 jaguars (panther onca), 71 ocelots ( leopardus pardalis ), five jaguarun ...201626967127
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