enteric bacterial pathogen detection in southern sea otters (enhydra lutris nereis) is associated with coastal urbanization and freshwater runoff.although protected for nearly a century, california's sea otters have been slow to recover, in part due to exposure to fecally-associated protozoal pathogens like toxoplasma gondii and sarcocystis neurona. however, potential impacts from exposure to fecal bacteria have not been systematically explored. using selective media, we examined feces from live and dead sea otters from california for specific enteric bacterial pathogens (campylobacter, salmonella, clostridium perfringens, c. difficile an ...201019720009
epidemiology and potential land-sea transfer of enteric bacteria from terrestrial to marine species in the monterey bay region of california.marine mammals are at risk for infection by fecal-associated zoonotic pathogens when they swim and feed in polluted nearshore marine waters. because of their tendency to consume 25-30% of their body weight per day in coastal filter-feeding invertebrates, southern sea otters (enhydra lutris nereis) can act as sentinels of marine ecosystem health in california. feces from domestic and wildlife species were tested to determine prevalence, potential virulence, and diversity of selected opportunistic ...201222740531
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