bartonella spp. exposure in northern and southern sea otters in alaska and california.since 2002, an increased number of northern sea otters (enhydra lutris kenyoni) from southcentral alaska have been reported to be dying due to endocarditis and/or septicemia with infection by streptococcus infantarius subsp. coli. bartonella spp. dna was also detected in northern sea otters as part of mortality investigations during this unusual mortality event (ume) in kachemak bay, alaska. to evaluate the extent of exposure to bartonella spp. in sea otters, sera collected from necropsied and l ...201425514118
novel bartonella infection in northern and southern sea otters (enhydra lutris kenyoni and enhydra lutris nereis).since 2002, vegetative valvular endocarditis (vve), septicemia and meningoencephalitis have contributed to an unusual mortality event (ume) of northern sea otters in southcentral alaska. streptococcal organisms were commonly isolated from vegetative lesions and organs from these sea otters. bartonella infection has also been associated with bacteremia and vve in terrestrial mammals, but little is known regarding its pathogenic significance in marine mammals. our study evaluated whether streptoco ...201424629902
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