serologic survey for canine coronavirus in wolves from alaska.wolves (canis lupus) were captured in three areas of interior alaska (usa). four hundred twenty-five sera were tested for evidence of exposure to canine coronavirus by means of an indirect fluorescent antibody procedure. serum antibody prevalence averaged 70% (167/240) during the spring collection period and 25% (46/185) during the autumn collection period. prevalence was 0% (0/42) in the autumn pup cohort (age 4-5 mo), and 60% (58/97) in the spring pup cohort (age 9-10 mo). prevalence was lowes ...200111763737
antibodies to selected pathogens in free-ranging terrestrial carnivores and marine mammals in canada.antibody titres to selected pathogens (canine adenovirus [cav-2], feline herpesvirus [fhv], phocine herpesvirus [phv-1], canine distemper virus, dolphin morbillivirus [dmv], phocine distemper virus [pdv], parainfluenza virus type 3 [pi3], rabies virus, dolphin rhabdovirus [drv], canine coronavirus, feline coronavirus, feline leukaemia virus, borrelia burgdorferi and toxoplasma gondii) were determined in whole blood or serum samples from selected free-ranging terrestrial carnivores and marine mam ...200415338705
identification of pantropic canine coronavirus in a wolf ( canis lupus italicus) in italy.we report a case in an italian wolf ( canis lupus italicus) of pantropic canine coronavirus infection, which has previously been detected only in dogs. the wolf was coinfected by canine parvovirus type 2b and canine adenovirus type 2, which highlighted the crucial role of epidemiologic surveys in european wild carnivores.201930376395
unveiling patterns of viral pathogen infection in free-ranging carnivores of northern portugal using a complementary methodological approach.pathogen surveillance in free-ranging carnivores presents challenges due to their low densitie and secretive nature. we combined molecular and serological assays to investigate infections by viral pathogens (canine parvovirus (cpv), canine distemper virus (cdv) and canine coronavirus (ccov)) in portuguese carnivores (canis lupus, vulpes vulpes, lutra lutra, martes foina, m. martes, meles meles, and genetta genetta) over a period of 16 years. additionally we explored spatio-temporal patterns of v ...202032062189
surveillance for antibodies against six canine viruses in wild raccoons (procyon lotor) in japan.raccoons (procyon lotor) are found worldwide. they are frequently seen in crowded inner cities as well as in forests or wooded areas, often living in proximity to humans and their pets. we examined sera from 100 wild raccoons in japan for antibodies to six canine viruses with veterinary significance to assess their potential as reservoirs. we also aimed to understand the distribution of potentially infected wildlife. we found that 7% of samples were seropositive for canine distemper virus (cdv), ...201728715293
prevalence of antibodies for selected canine pathogens among wolves (canis lupus) from the alaska peninsula, usa.we collected blood samples from wolves ( canis lupus ) on the alaska peninsula, southwest alaska, us, 2006-11 and tested sera for antibodies to canine adenovirus (cav), canine coronavirus (ccv), canine distemper virus (cdv), canine herpesvirus (chv), canine parainfluenza (cpi), canine parvovirus (cpv), neospora caninum , and toxoplasma gondii . detected antibody prevalence was 90% for cav, 28% for ccv, 12% for cdv, 93% for chv, 0% for cpi, 20% for cpv, 0% for n. caninum, and 86% for t. gondii . ...201627195683
parasitology and serology of free-ranging coyotes (canis latrans) in north carolina, usa.coyotes (canis latrans) have expanded recently into the eastern us and can serve as a source of pathogens to domestic dogs (canis lupus familiaris), livestock, and humans. we examined free-ranging coyotes from central north carolina, us, for selected parasites and prevalence of antibodies against viral and bacterial agents. we detected ticks on most (81%) coyotes, with amblyomma americanum detected on 83% of those with ticks. fifteen (47%) coyotes were positive for heartworms (dirofilaria immiti ...201525984773
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