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pneumonia from angiostrongylus vasorum infection in a red panda (ailurus fulgens fulgens).a 9-year-old, male, captive red panda (ailurus fulgens fulgens) in an urban zoo in the united kingdom presented with respiratory distress and weight loss. the animal was euthanatized, and a postmortem examination was performed. the lungs were diffusely consolidated with extensive mineralization. microscopically, there was extensive obliteration of normal pulmonary architecture by sheets and coalescing nodules of partially mineralized fibrous tissue and granulomatous inflammation centered on larg ...200919286513
diversity and prevalence of metastrongyloid nematodes infecting the red panda (ailurus fulgens) in european zoos.metastrongyloid induced pneumonia has been described sporadically in the red panda (ailurus fulgens). early descriptions in pandas recently imported to the usa from china involved parasites morphologically similar to angiostrongylus spp. and crenosomatidae. more recently, four cases of severe verminous pneumonia associated with angiostrongylus vasorum have been reported from european zoos. a coprological survey of the red panda population within european zoos was conducted in 2008. faecal sample ...201020570049
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