tuberculosis in buffaloes (syncerus caffer) in the kruger national park: spread of the disease to other species.tuberculosis, caused by mycobacterium bovis, was recently diagnosed in a cheetah (acinonyx jubatus), two lions (panthera leo) and a chacma baboon (papio ursinus) from the kruger national park (knp). it is assumed that they contracted the disease directly or indirectly from tuberculous buffaloes in the park. tuberculous granulomatous lesions in the lungs were extensive and constituted the predominant changes in all three animal species. these pulmonary lesions included tuberculous bronchiolitis a ...19968917861
mycobacterium bovis as a zoonosis in the kruger national park, south africa.the kruger national park (knp), mpumalanga province, south africa.199910599016
tuberculosis in kudus (tragelaphus strepsiceros) in the kruger national park.five kudus (tragelaphus strepsiceros), three bulls and two cows, within the greater kruger national park complex, were diagnosed with generalized tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis. the lesions seen in these animals were similar to those previously reported in kudus and included severe tuberculous lymphadenitis of the nodes of the head and neck (that resulted in noticeable uni- or bilateral swelling beneath the ear), thorax, and the mesentery. all the animals also suffered from severe gr ...200111769355
the epidemiology of tuberculosis in free-ranging african buffalo (syncerus caffer) in the kruger national park, south africa.the presence of bovine tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) in the kruger national park (knp) was determined for the first time in 1990. it was diagnosed in an african buffalo (syncerus caffer) bull, which was found recumbent and in an emaciated and moribund state near the south-western boundary fence. this prompted an investigation into the bovine tuberculosis (btb) status of the knp, with emphasis on its epidemiological determinants and risk factors. this report documents the findings of surveys ...200111585089
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