[histopathology of strobilocercosis found in the livers of white mouse.]the adult form of taenia taeniaeformis is found in the intestine of the cat and cheetah. the larva form is called strobilocercus fasciolaris and is found in rodents such as mice and rats. our objective was to draw attention to that rare zoonosis, since it has already been reported in the literature as strobilocercosis in humans. during an experimental animal study conducted at inonu university, some unexpected cystic formations were found in the livers of nine 6-8-month-old healthy white mice, w ...201020340085
a sylvatic lifecycle of echinococcus equinus in the etosha national park, namibia.various species of echinococcus have been described in the past from wild mammals of sub-saharan africa. however, it is only recently, that a few isolates have become available for molecular identification; therefore, the involvement of wildlife in the lifecycles of the various cryptic species within echinococcus granulosus sensu lato is still only partially known. a preliminary survey was undertaken in etosha national park, namibia, from august to october 2012. faecal samples were obtained from ...201525830103
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