detection of anti-brucella antibodies in llama (llama glama).seven llamas were immunized with killed brucella abortus s1119.3 cells and bled sequentially, resulting in 64 samples. an eighth llama was kept as a negative control. in addition, 299 llama and 2075 alpaca sera, submitted for diagnostic testing, were included. sera from all llamas were tested by the buffered antigen plate agglutination test, the complement fixation test, and the indirect enzyme immunoassays using smooth and rough lipopolysaccharides. a competitive enzyme immunoassay and fluoresc ...200717236397
non-specific seroreactions against brucella abortus in ruminants in new zealand and the presence of yersinia enterocolitica 0:9.the level of non-specific reactions found in the brucellosis serology of ruminants in new zealand was very low until july 1992. this changed when, in an export consignment of 1071 deer, 35% reacted in the brucella abortus tube agglutination test with titres varying from 50 to 200 iu. the reactors were also positive in the rose-bengal agglutination test and most of them reacted in the complement fixation test with titres varying from 10 to 80 iu. yersinia enterocolitica 0:9 was later isolated fro ...199516031844
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