evolution and phylogeography of the nonpathogenic calicivirus rcv-a1 in wild rabbits in australia.despite its potential importance for the biological control of european rabbits, relatively little is known about the evolution and molecular epidemiology of rabbit calicivirus australia 1 (rcv-a1). to address this issue we undertook an extensive evolutionary analysis of 36 rcv-a1 samples collected from wild rabbit populations in southeast australia between 2007 and 2009. based on phylogenetic analysis of the entire capsid sequence, six clades of rcv-a1 were defined, each exhibiting strong popul ...201020861266
the non-pathogenic australian lagovirus rcv-a1 causes a prolonged infection and elicits partial cross-protection to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus.two caliciviruses occur in australian wild rabbits: rabbit calicivirus australia 1 (rcv-a1) and rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (rhdv), which is used in australia as a biocontrol agent to reduce feral rabbit populations. there is concern that rcv-a1 acts as a natural vaccine and protects from lethal rhdv infection. to investigate this hypothesis, domestic rabbits were perorally infected with rcv-a1, monitored for 28 days and subsequently challenged with rhdv. we show that rcv-a1 causes a non-p ...201020034646
benign rabbit caliciviruses exhibit evolutionary dynamics similar to those of their virulent relatives.two closely related caliciviruses cocirculate in australia: rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (rhdv) and rabbit calicivirus australia 1 (rcv-a1). rcv-a1 causes benign enteric infections in the european rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus) in australia and new zealand, while its close relative rhdv causes a highly pathogenic infection of the liver in the same host. the comparison of these viruses provides important information on the nature and trajectory of virulence evolution, particularly as highly v ...201627512059
in situ hybridisation assay for localisation of rabbit calicivirus australia-1 (rcv-a1) in european rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus) tissues.recently, a new lagovirus enzootic in australian wild rabbits was identified and described as rabbit calicivirus australia-1 (rcv-a1). unlike the closely related rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (rhdv), which causes fulminant hepatitis and rabbit death, rcv-a1 does not appear to induce any clinical disease. rcv-a1 has been postulated to act as an imperfect natural vaccine to rhdv thus reducing rhdv-induced rabbit mortality, which is detrimental for bio-control of rabbits in australia. this stud ...201323261802
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