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three species of plagioporine opecoelids (digenea), including a new genus and two new species, from marine fishes from off the coast of chile.villarrealina peruanus (syn. pirupalkia queulensis) is described from cilus gilberti, off the talcahuano region, chile. it is considered an opecoelid and is distinguishable by the combination of its extensive uterus, which reaches to the posterior extremity, and the vitellarium restricted to the hindbody. jerguillicola leonora n. g., n. sp. from aplodactylus punctatus, off the talcahuano region, chile, is distinguished by the uterus reaching into the post-testicular region, the lack of a seminal ...200211912348
contrasting definitive hosts as determinants of the genetic structure in a parasite with complex life cycle along the south-eastern pacific.the spatial genetic structure (and gene flow) of parasites with complex life cycles, such as digeneans, has been attributed mainly to the dispersion ability of the most mobile host, which most often corresponds to the definitive host (dh). in this study, we compared the genetic structure and diversity of adult neolebouria georgenascimentoi in two fish species (dhs) that are extensively distributed along the south-eastern pacific (sep). the analysis was based on the cytochrome oxidase subunit i g ...201525602037
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