experimental infection of ectoparasitic arthropods with rickettsia prowazekii (gvf-16 strain) and transmission to flying squirrels.epizootiologic studies conducted during the past few years showed the existence of widespread natural infection of the southern flying squirrel, glaucomys volans, with epidemic typhus rickettsiae, rickettsia prowazekii. the ecological findings strongly implicated transmission of the etiologic agent by an arthropod vector. studies were conducted under controlled laboratory conditions to determine whether ectoparasites naturally associated with flying squirrels (squirrel fleas, lice, mites and tic ...19816782900
arthropod-borne diseases in homeless.homeless people are particularly exposed to ectoparasite. the living conditions and the crowded shelters provide ideal conditions for the spread of lice, fleas, ticks, and mites. body lice have long been recognized as human parasites and although typically prevalent in rural communities in upland areas of countries close to the equator, it is now increasingly encountered in developed countries especially in homeless people or inner city economically deprived population. fleas are widespread but ...200617114713
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