phylogenetic analysis of bartonella detected in rodent fleas in yunnan, china.previous studies have demonstrated a diversity of bartonella spp. in rodent populations in yunnan province, china. although bartonella spp. have been isolated from cat fleas and cattle ticks collected from their animal hosts, little is known about bartonella carried by rodent fleas. in this study, bartonella dna was detected by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) in two of five species of rodent fleas. these included xenopsylla cheopis and ctenophthalmus lushuiensis, which were collected from rattus ...200717984255
molecular detection and identification of bartonella species in xenopsylla cheopis fleas (siphonaptera: pulicidae) collected from rattus norvegicus rats in los angeles, california.of 200 individual xenopsylla cheopis fleas removed from rattus norvegicus rats trapped in downtown los angeles, ca, 190 (95%) were positive for the presence of bartonella dna. ninety-one amplicons were sequenced: bartonella rochalimae-like dna was detected in 66 examined fleas, and bartonella tribocorum-like dna was identified in 25 fleas. the data obtained from this study demonstrate an extremely high prevalence of bartonella dna in rat-associated fleas.201121908631
preliminary survey of ectoparasites and associated pathogens from norway rats in new york city.the norway rat (rattus norvegicus) is a reservoir of many zoonotic pathogens and lives in close proximity to humans in urban environments. human infection with rodent-borne disease occurs either directly through contact with a rat or its excreta, or indirectly via arthropod vectors such as fleas and ticks. here, we report on the diversity and abundance of ectoparasitic arthropod species and associated pathogenic bacteria from 133 norway rats trapped over a 10-mo period in manhattan, new york, ny ...201526336309
prevalence and diversity of bartonella species in commensal rodents and ectoparasites from nigeria, west africa.bartonellae are fastidious bacteria causing persistent bacteremia in humans and a wide variety of animals. in recent years there is an increasing interest in mammalian bartonelloses in general and in rodent bartonelloses in particular. to date, no studies investigating the presence of bartonella spp. in rodents and ectoparasites from nigeria were carried out.201323738028
association of bartonella with the fleas (siphonaptera) of rodents and bats using molecular techniques.bartonella spp. are putatively vector-borne bacterial agents of humans and animals. fleas have been incriminated as vectors of bartonella spp. and are suspected of transmitting bartonella of rodents and bats, but some of these bartonella spp. have not yet been directly detected in wild caught fleas. we report the molecular detection of bartonella tribocorum, bartonella vinsonii subsp. vinsonii, and two novel genotypes of bartonella from the fleas xenopsylla cheopis, ctenophthalmus pseudagyrtes, ...200717633432
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