molecular detection of zoonotic bartonellae (b. henselae, b. elizabethae and b. rochalimae) in fleas collected from dogs in israel.fleas represent an acknowledged burden on dogs worldwide. the characterization of flea species infesting kennel dogs from two localities in israel (rehovot and jerusalem) and their molecular screening for bartonella species (rhizobiales: bartonellaceae) was investigated. a total of 355 fleas were collected from 107 dogs. the fleas were morphologically classified and molecularly screened targeting the bartonella 16s-23s internal transcribed spacer (its). of the 107 dogs examined, 80 (74.8%) were ...201525865162
preliminary survey of ectoparasites and associated pathogens from norway rats in new york city.the norway rat (rattus norvegicus) is a reservoir of many zoonotic pathogens and lives in close proximity to humans in urban environments. human infection with rodent-borne disease occurs either directly through contact with a rat or its excreta, or indirectly via arthropod vectors such as fleas and ticks. here, we report on the diversity and abundance of ectoparasitic arthropod species and associated pathogenic bacteria from 133 norway rats trapped over a 10-mo period in manhattan, new york, ny ...201526336309
molecular detection and identification of bartonella species in xenopsylla cheopis fleas (siphonaptera: pulicidae) collected from rattus norvegicus rats in los angeles, california.of 200 individual xenopsylla cheopis fleas removed from rattus norvegicus rats trapped in downtown los angeles, ca, 190 (95%) were positive for the presence of bartonella dna. ninety-one amplicons were sequenced: bartonella rochalimae-like dna was detected in 66 examined fleas, and bartonella tribocorum-like dna was identified in 25 fleas. the data obtained from this study demonstrate an extremely high prevalence of bartonella dna in rat-associated fleas.201121908631
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