the transmission of suprapylarian leishmania by the bite of experimentally infected sand flies (diptera: psychodidae).lutzomyia furcata transmitted leishmania chagasi to a hamster 10 days after being experimentally fed on an infected spleen. an individual female psychodopygus carrerai carrerai that had fed on a hamster lesion caused by leishmania mexicana amazonensis transmitted this parasite 6 days later to another hamster. transmission electron microscopy of this fly's head revealed a small number of degenerate promastigotes in the foregut, but only a few were attached.19873333811
the experimental transmission of leishmania mexicana amazonensis lainson & shaw, between hamsters by the bite of lutzomyia furcata (mangabeira) 19863726982
[phlebotomine fauna (diptera: psychodidae) in a campina reserve in the state of amazonas, and its epidemiological importance].in brazil, the largest diversity of phlebotomines is found in the amazon region, particularly in undisturbed terra-firma forest. however, the phlebotomine fauna in other ecosystems of this region is still not well known.201020305974
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