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three novel lineages of 'candidatus liberibacter africanus' associated with native rutaceous hosts of trioza erytreae in south africa.greening disease of citrus in south africa is associated with 'candidatus liberibacter africanus' (laf), a phloem-limited bacterium vectored by the sap-sucking insect trioza erytreae (triozidae). despite the implementation of control strategies, this disease remains problematic, suggesting the existence of reservoir hosts to laf. the current study aimed to identify such hosts. samples from 234 trees of clausena anisata, 289 trees of vepris lanceolata and 231 trees of zanthoxylum capense were col ...201525395434
a novel subspecies of 'candidatus liberibacter africanus' found on native teclea gerrardii (family: rutaceae) from south africa.the phloem limited bacterium 'candidatus liberibacter africanus' is associated with citrus greening disease in south africa. this bacterium has been identified solely from commercial citrus in africa and the mascarene islands, and its origin may lie within an indigenous rutaceous host from africa. recently, in determining whether alternative hosts of laf exist amongst the indigenous rutaceous hosts of its triozid vector, trioza erytreae, three novel subspecies of laf were identified i.e. 'candid ...201727830472
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