ecological aspects and molecular detection of leishmania dna ross (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae) in phlebotomine sandflies (diptera: psychodidae) in terra firme and várzea environments in the middle solimões region, amazonas state, brazil.phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) are insects of medical importance due to the role that some species play in the transmission of leishmaniasis. this work aimed to study some ecological aspects among sand flies fauna inhabiting two different environments: the várzea (lowland amazonian forest) and terra firme (upland amazonian forest), both located in tefé municipality, amazonas state, braziland to detect leishmania infection in those phlebotomine populations.201525889808
further observations on lutzomyia ubiquitalis (psychodidae: phlebotominae), the sandfly vector of leishmania (viannia) lainsoni. 19921343653
cutaneous leishmaniasis in the amazon region: natural infection of the sandfly lutzomyia ubiquitalis (psychodidae: phlebotominae) by leishmania (viannia) lainsoni in pará state, brazil. 19911842393
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