phylogenetic and phenotypic relationships among triatoma carcavalloi (hemiptera: reduviidae: triatominae) and related species collected in domiciles in rio grande do sul state, brazil.triatoma carcavalloi is considered a rare chagas disease vector often collected inside domiciles in rio grande do sul state. in this brazilian state, t. carcavalloi has been collected in the same ecotope (rock piles) with two other species (t. rubrovaria and t. circummaculata), with which it also shares morphological characteristics. previous morphological studies placed t. carcavalloi in the same species complex ("infestans complex") and subcomplex ("rubrovaria subcomplex") as t. rubrovaria, wh ...200920836820
mitochondrial gene confirms the specific status of triatoma pintodiasi jurberg, cunha, and rocha, 2013 (hemiptera, triatominae), an endemic species in brazil.chagas disease is most frequently transmitted to humans through contact with feces of insects from the triatominae subfamily. in brazil, there are 65 species of triatomines distributed throughout the country's 27 states. among the species in the state of rio grande do sul, triatoma rubrovaria, triatoma oliveirai, triatoma pintodiasi, triatoma klugi, triatoma carcavalloi, and triatoma circummaculata (with the addition triatoma limai, which is endemic to argentina) form the t. rubrovaria subcomple ...201727821685
ultrastructure and morphometry of eggs of triatoma rubrovaria (blanchard, 1843), triatoma carcavalloi juberg, rocha & lent, 1998 and triatoma circummaculata (stål, 1859) (hemiptera-reduviidae-triatominae).this study analyzed the body and the operculum of eggs of triatoma rubrovaria, t. carcavalloi and t. circummaculata, considered sylvatic species that live in sympatry.triatoma rubrovaria is currently considered the most important vector of trypanosoma cruzi in the rural areas of the state of rio grande do sul, followed by t.circummaculata. significant differences other than morphometry have been observed in the egg structures of the three species using traditional microscopy and scanning electro ...201325113703
biology of triatoma carcavalloi jurberg, rocha & lent, 1998 under laboratory conditions.triatoma carcavalloi is a wild species that is found in sympatry with triatoma rubrovaria and triatoma circummaculata, which are vectors of trypanosoma cruzi currently found in rural areas of rio grande do sul, brazil.201425075481
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