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revalidation and redescription of triatoma brasiliensis macromelasoma galvão, 1956 and an identification key for the triatoma brasiliensis complex (hemiptera: reduviidae: triatominae).triatoma brasiliensis macromelasoma is revalidated based on the results of previous multidisciplinary studies on the triatoma brasiliensis complex, consisting of crossing experiments and morphological, biological, ecological and molecular analyses. these taxonomic tools showed the closest relationship between t. b. macromelasoma and triatoma brasiliensis brasiliensis. t. b. macromelasoma is redescribed based on specimens collected in the type locality and specimens from a f1 colony. the complex ...201324037202
mitochondrial pcr-rflp assay to distinguish triatoma brasiliensis macromelasoma from triatoma brasiliensis brasiliensis subspecies (hemiptera: reduviidae).triatoma brasiliensis sensu lato (s.l.), the main vector of chagas disease in northeastern brazil, is a species complex comprising four species, one with two subspecies (t. brasiliensis brasiliensis, t. brasiliensis macromelasoma, t. juazeirensis, t. sherlocki, and t. melanica), and each taxon displaying distinct ecological requirements. in order to evaluate the genetic relationships among nine t. brasiliensis s.l. populations from northeastern brazil, we analyzed their mitochondrial cytochrome ...201324454408
are members of the triatoma brasiliensis (hemiptera, reduviidae) species complex able to alter the biology and virulence of a trypanosoma cruzi strain?trypanosoma cruzi is the causative agent of chagas disease, transmitted to humans and mammals by blood-sucking hemipteran insects belonging to the triatominae subfamily. the two main genotypes of t. cruzi (tci and tcii) differ in many characteristics concerning their genetic profile. despite the extensive literature on vectors and the etiologic agent, several interactive aspects between these two elements of chagas disease are still waiting to be further clarified. here, biological and histologi ...201526013138
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